As the song so rightly says, “in a New York minute, everything can change”.  Attempting to bring a bit of New York positivity to London and brighten up the ever so slightly cold and dreary days, with heartfelt determination and certainty that everything will be alright in the end.  Having read Ricky Gervais’ brilliant love letter to New York, it reminded me of my own love of the city, and it seems apt to explore that, especially after acquiring quite so many new American friends, a few hailing from the Big Apple itself.  

I think it is the immediacy of New York that entices me; a city that has little in the way of evidence of an ancient history, you cannot help but be rooted very firmly in the present, and in turn makes you feel very much alive.  I can’t imagine things ever slowing down there, and the work ethic is something to be amazed at.  This is not necessarily a good thing, and I am very much against a life spent in the office, but a life spent doing what you love?  That’s a very different ball game.  If someone did provide me with a much lusted after acting job, I would be at it 24/7, make no mistake.  There is no shame in passion in New York, whereas in the UK you could be forgiven for hiding your ambition….no one seems to like achiever’s over here.  When someone becomes successful, they are very often torn to shreds, not only by the media but by their own social circle.  People want success for themselves and not for others, which seems a very bad thing.  This is a massive generalisation of course, but there does seem to be a propensity and expectation for failure over here that is unhealthy, and sad.  

I’m encouraging a little Christmas cheer, and a leaving behind of bitter envy this year…..time to embrace the New Year and everything it has in store!