I haven’t been writing anything for a little while, as I felt like I didn’t have anything new to write about, and for fear of sounding like a broken record saying “push for what you want”, “you’re the only one that can do it” and so on and so forth, I thought a little break would be best.  But then again, you don’t have to have a specific plan for things to unfold, and sometimes kick-starting yourself into something and throwing yourself in the way of surprise can lead to a number of avenues unfolding and opportunities arising you hadn’t thought about.  Even in a small way, a chance stumble into the cinema with a friend the other day, seeing a film purely because it was on at the right time and we had got the timings wrong for the one we were meant to see, provided us with a pure gem of an English film.  “The Selfish Giant”, loosely based on an Oscar Wilde short story, but updated and thrown into impoverished 2000’s Northern England, was completely mesmerising, and restored my faith in the film industry being out to make good films, and not just to make a buck.  I think it is important that independent films like this are lauded, as it is sadly unlikely they will see any real commendations in the form of awards and so on, despite a set of incredible reviews.  It may not have the star billing of a Hollywood film, but it more than packed a punch, and left everyone in the cinema gasping for breath as they came out.  It is amazing how different you can feel in an hour and a half, and how much emotion you can through when you didn’t know anything about a subject just minutes before.  But that is the magic that cinema can create, when it is used to it’s full capacity; a moving, unequalled artistic experience, that you can revisit again and again.  I believe it is only that aspect that it has over over theatre, the fact that the moment does not disappear forever, you can see it again and again.  

I’m rather glad my best laid plans were changed the other night.  A night like that again would be worth it’s inspirational weight in gold.