Speaking to a friend the other day about script writing, a notion I have always romantically imagined I would be able to do/will one day do, she seemed to address a universal conundrum with very great ease.  As a woman, how do you write a man?  Write a woman and change it to a man’s name.  And vice versa.

So simple.  Suddenly years of “understanding” women and men and how different they are as a species seemed to melt into a distant mirage.  We do live in a male dominated world, that is a fact.  There are more men than women…again, fact.  This is not being sexist, simply realistic.  It is therefore likely the work force will be male dominated, and the baby force will be female dominated, but that is where the “differences” end.

We are different, but we all innately want the same things: security, stability, companionship and love.  Someone to love, and to be loved by.  Simple necessities that if you don’t achieve at some point in your life, you can’t help but feel a little lost, a little empty.  But sometimes feeling it even briefly, if it is real, can leave you worse off.  How can you crave or miss something you’ve never experienced, but once you have it, it becomes like a drug and suddenly you are an addict with a dose of withdrawal, grief and loss attacking your every waking and “sleeping” moment all at once.  A bolt of emotions you didn’t know, and probably didn’t know you were capable of.

I don’t think we have to look further than ourselves however to understand the other sex, it is the wonder of people and human relationships that are confusing in themselves and lead us to places, but the world would be a lot worse off if none of us felt anything, and as the song says “That’s life.  That’s what all the people say.  You’re riding high in April, shot down in May.”  But things change, and people change, men and women, and you never know what’s unexpectedly waiting for you around the corner.  And that’s the beauty of it.