The simplistic way to view the city (see title). It really is, in every way. A particular find was the 50p ice cream, and this is not just one cheap vendor, they are all like that. Goulash for a mere £3 (and that’s the swanky end), and dining out for 2 for under £10 including drinks. I could get used to this way of living.

Morning was broken by a run through and round city park, where I romantically imagined myself living here and waking up to this sort of fun every morning; I even found a yoga studio! Suitably smug, I ran back home to find one of the hosts around (no mention of singing past night). We ended up heading round the streets together, which at first I was reluctant to do as I wanted to be free to stop and go whenever I chose, but we ended up going to places I would never have found, like an off the beaten track indoor market. It was nice to have company, and a good recommendation for a cheap lunch as well. We parted ways late afternoon, when I bounded over to Buda, crossing the vast Danube. A short climb up the hill to see the Gellért statue, affording a fantastic panorama across the city, I headed back down and set off along the river. Slight accidental detour on the way back down, weaving a labyrinth of paths across the hill. (Note to self: go back the way you came next time.)

The city was beginning to settle in for the night, with lights flickering on and the sun quietly fading. Buda is far less bustling than Pest, more like it’s quieter, more thoughtful cousin. Quaint streets leading to empty little courtyards, populated by one of the endless statues that frequent the city. After walking for hours, I allowed myself a 15 minute rest in one such quiet courtyard. A small Hungarian man and his small dog came for a little visit (I suspect the dog was up to foul play), and 2 slightly annoying teenagers. Enough to make me want to carry on and get my picture of parliament all lit up, which I had spied on my way.

Headed back out to the river, and lifted my camera up to take said photograph, of the beautifully lit Parliament building. As I have my finger poised on the button, Parliament is plunged into darkness. Apparently it doesn’t keep light past 8pm, the buggers. It’ll be another trip down here for me tomorrow night. And the castle for that matter, obscured by fences and fancies I can’t seem to break down!